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Ôui Non
Chez l'habitant
Simple (2 étoiles)
Comfortable (3 étoiles)
Deluxe (4 étoiles)
Haute de gamme (5 étoiles ou plus)
Just accommodation with breakfast
Also some lunches
All lunches (half board)
All meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner (full board)
All meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner (full board)


Describe your trip
These ideas are a guide for creating a trip suitable for your needs and expectations

  • Your desire to travel (culture, adventure, beach extension, local meetings, nature, etc.)
  • The desired pace of your trip (moderate, free and easy, etc.)
  • Your knowledge of the country. Your interests
  • The opportunity of your trip (vacation, wedding anniversary, cultural group, etc.)
  • Remarks (Room types, diet, special requests, etc.)

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